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The ascension quest took so long to do but was definitely worth it. Jun 30, 2018 · An ex-Ordinator in Vivec (Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks) has established a guild of vampire hunters. For this guild, your motivations do not matter. You can be a Werewolf, a fanatic of the Tribunal Temple, a Followers of Meridia, or an opportunists who just. The Vampire is guild leader of Vampires. The guild was founded on Dura on 21 April 2021. Guild Members. Rank. Name. Vocation. Level. ... Joining The Tier 2 Vampire Guild in Voxlblade 10,056 views Dec 19, 2020 131 Dislike Share Save Peepguy 151K subscribers Subscribe In this video I join the Vampire guild in the new roblox game.

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